Voucherify Webhooks Example

This example showcases webhooks. It will show how you can easily get information about redemptions and other events in your system.

Setup the webhook in Voucherify

In your Voucherify Project Settings add webhook to https://voucherify-webhooks-example.glitch.me/webhooks (preferably set it to notify about all events)

setup webhook in Project Settings
setup webhook in project settings

Start with a code publish and redemption

This is optional, you can just use your voucherify account to generate events, but we can help you with this here.
For this we need your Voucherify Application keys from your Project Settings and a campaign name of your choice.

get Voucherify API keys here
get voucherify api keys

The code from yoru campaign will be published here! You will also be able to redeem it

Webhook events will be shown here: